A Simple Way To Scale Python

Coiled makes it easy to scale data workloads to the cloud by handling the DevOps logistics for you.

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We Understand the Challenges of Cloud Deployment


Cost Management and Monitoring

  • Avoidance: What stops a novice from idling 100 GPUs?
  • Tracking: How much money is everyone spending?
  • Optimization: How do we profile and tune for cost?

Data Access: Where is the user's data?

  • Authentication: How can I control access to these machines?
  • Security: Can I prevent unauthorized access and running of arbitrary code?

Environment and
Data Management

  • Configuration: Do all these machines have the same software installed?
  • Sharing: How can many people share the same hardware easily?

Burst to the Cloud with Coiled

Hosted Dask Clusters

Hosted Dask Clusters

Coiled manages Dask across diverse data and computational workload by provisioning hosted Dask clusters on the cloud.

Zero Click Deployment Image

Zero Click Deployment

Coiled runs from anywhere you can run Python, including other web services, automated jobs, and even your own laptop.

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Software Environments

Coiled lets you build and share docker images from conda/pip environment specifications.

Coiled takes care of deploying containers, ensures secure networking, and makes it easy to connect to the cloud.


Leverage GPUs

Access GPUs and CPUs, allowing you to easily switch hardware architectures, and explore newly accelerated libraries like XGBoost, RAPIDS, PyTorch, and more.


Track your Cost

Coiled allows administrators to control costs with features like user quotas, toggleable GPU access, and default idle timeouts.


Keep it Secure

Coiled implements best security practices where all connections are end-to-end secure, so you can rest assured that the right people can access data, and the wrong people can’t.


Work with Teams

Coiled lets you share software environments, clusters logs, and costs with your colleagues. You can quickly bring a team up to speed and track activity after time.


Open Source Culture

Coiled is built by creators and maintainers of open-source software.  We are scientific explorers and our vision is to liberate data science teams to discover answers to the world's toughest challenges.

Data scientists, data engineers, developers, and DevOps use Coiled to iterate faster and experiment more.

Python native big data platform (Dask)

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